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Take off with AVRO

Yvonne Westover | 24 December, 2021 | 1 Comment

            A collection of Zentangle tiles drawn with AVRO

Hello my Tangle friends and welcome aboard!

Settle into your seats as we take off with my new tangle AVRO!!

This tangle flew (actually drove) by me one day while I was stopped at a red light. The logo of a transportation company struck me not only with its design but with its name...Avro. You see, Avro is the name of a Canadian aircraft manufacturer from 1945 and the red light I happened to be sitting at was the intersection in front of where Avro Canada was located. The Avro truck that drove by me has nothing to do with the original company as it no longer exists.. Just a coincidence in name and location! And as I strongly believe in coincidences, I took this as a sign that I needed to do something with AVRO...the third part to this coincidence is that I'm also a flight attendant and the aviation theme here was just ripe for me to develop a tangle with it!!   

       AVRO logos and the AVRO arrow airplane       Yvonne in uniform in front of a the Malton airport photo  

Using two of the elemental pen strokes that define a tangle, the I and S curve, AVRO packs itself up nicely in layers, takes a turn smoothly and let's you cross borders with ease! 

                     square boxes with pen line instructions to draw AVRO

So I got to work in my sketchbook as I do when I'm playing with a new tangle. Seeing how it can take off with twists and turns and sometimes riding out the turbulence a new tangle can bring.  AVRO in the first few pen strokes revealed its potential to travel in economy, business and first class! 



If you google the AVRO Arrow you will find a history lesson on the aviation industry in Canada and how the Avro concept and its engineers went on to launch NASA's Apollo and build the British Concorde.


I'm happy to have you travelling with me while AVRO sends us in new directions! Enjoy the ride! 


With my head in the clouds,








Comments (1 Response)

13 October, 2022


Yvonne… as a fellow Canadian… I love that you incorporated a part of Canadian history into a tangle! I like the wonderful, different options for using this tangle… and creating embellishments within. I discovered “Avro” through Inktober 2022. I’m looking forward to playing with it. Happy Day!💕

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